Discounted provision for Annual Membership / Subscription include:


  • 2 face-to-face seminars/workshops with focused breakout sessions, either at home or abroad.
  • Follow-up monitoring sessions in schools.
  • Interactive resources for general pedagogy, as well as for core subjects.
  • Expert support with the development of a school improvement plan and a continues professional development plan.
  • High quality Teaching and learning resources to cover areas of weakness.
  • Motivational presentations and videos by identified professionals and experts.
  • Annual study and thinking skills masterclasses for students.
  • A network of support including access to leadership and subject specialists.
  • Regular communication and updates on latest developments, ideas and research findings.
  • Support in developing a toolkit of relevant resources.
  • Leadership development / training
    • Aspiring Leaders
    • Middle Leaders
    • Aspiring Senior Leaders
    • Experienced Senior Leaders
  • Other identified workshops for subject specific enhancement, and sessions for parents, pre-service teachers and students.
  • Bespoke school improvement interventions. Leading essay writing service