Training / Seminars

The School Improvement Workshop Series
Theme: Closing the Teacher Competency Gap
The highly successful ‘School Improvement Workshop Series’ moves to:


April 5th and 6th, 2019


April 9th and 10th, 2019


April 5th and 6th, 2019


Day 1

  1. School Improvement: 21st Century living – Preparing our young people for – What, why and How???
    • An overview of 21st century skills and how they can be factored into the school improvement plans.
    • How to plan for improved curriculum knowledge, school and classroom standards and pedagogy.
    • Taking greater responsibility for school improvement.
  2. Whole-school Leadership Development & Accountability.
    • The relationship between effective middle leadership and school improvement.
    • Practical ways in which schools can harness the potential of middle leaders and develop their capacity to work as a team.
    • Explore how senior leaders can provide support and enable middle leaders to be as good as they can be.
  3. Teacher Competency and the challenge of the SDGs.
  4. Plenary
    • Action planning – Sharing ideas for school improvement.

Day 2

  1. Mastery of the craft of teaching
    • What makes great Pedagogy?
    • Boosting Teachers’ Professional expertise.
    • Tips for encouraging students to become independent learners.
    • Developing Lesson Plans that promote deep knowledge and effective learning.
  2. Effective learning and Mental Health.
    • The components of a mentally healthy school
  3. Group session – Overcoming barriers, generating solutions.
    • Raising the bar and closing the gap.
    • Identifying barriers
    • What are your non-negotiables
    • ‘Diagnose Intervene Test Assess’ Model (DITA)

The Workshops Offers

  • Insights into how 21st century living can influence both school-wide policies and common day-to-day practices that will combine to create relevant and productive learning experiences for our students.
  • A range of easy-to-implement ideas that can improve leadership effectiveness at all levels, and school improvement planning.
  • Practical strategies for improving teaching and learning skills, which are often the reasons behind the most pronounced gaps in attainment between our students’ current outcomes and their potential outcomes.
  • Ideas for interventions and changes in practice to promote positive student engagement and improve outcomes of all students.
  • Suggestions on how to identify students with poor mental health, and how to put policies and structures in place to support the learning outcomes of those with poor mental health issues.


These workshops are designed for those working within the primary or secondary education sectors and is relevant to:

  • Headteachers and School proprietors
  • Deputy headteachers
  • Senior leadership team members
  • Middle Leaders
  • Education professionals and administrators
  • Classroom teachers
  • Education advisors
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