We are a school improvement specialist hub / educational consultancy experienced in providing effective CPD and training in schools. Working with relevant professional partners, we provide advice, support, coaching and training to school leaders, teachers, students and parents.

We work with schools, teacher training colleges and local/state/national government education departments to develop:

  • Improved, evidence based, teaching and learning skills.
  • A set of quality teachers’ standards in order to achieve consistency, and secure positive pupil outcomes.
  • A step-by-step guide for school leaders from different contexts, to develop and promote excellent teaching and learning in their schools, and to make them more effective as school leaders.
  • School-level improvement policies, plans and behaviours to facilitate and stimulate the conditions for effective instruction in the classroom, regardless of context.
  • Effective accountability measures that track and monitor pupil/school progress and attainment.


Our vision is for education systems and schools to develop structures and cultures where innovation is harnessed to meet the immense challenges of our age. Teachers and education officers, therefore, need to be equipped with a toolkit of approaches and competences to enable them to create a learning environment that is conducive, where students are regularly nurtured, stretched and challenged to achieve their potential. Teachers should have high expectations and be able to prepare their students for a rapidly changing world.


  • Making teachers and teaching more effective and more rewarding.
  • Working towards the advancement of educational systems, so that they can continuously add value to the lives of young people.
  • Advocate for appropriate compensation and policies to safeguard and reinforce the status of teachers.
  • Contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals of alleviating poverty and investing in quality education.

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