Benefits of Working with KIKO Educational



  • Student outcomes improve.
  • Enjoy the services and support of dedicated and experienced consultants which will help support continuous school improvement and maintain high standards.
  • Enjoy the services of well qualified, talented and motivated teaching staff.
  • Sustain high standards of teaching and learning within the school and serve as a beacon school for others to follow.
  • Enjoy a positive reputation both locally and internationally.
  • Schools can promote themselves as centres of excellence where high educational standards are maintained with excellent student outcomes.
  • Annual free membership of the British International Institute for Leadership and Management, worth £120/year.



  • Teachers become better equipped to have a positive impact on the lives and outcomes of their students.
  • They become more confident, knowledgeable and competent teachers, who enjoy and are proud of their job.
  • Certification from KIKO Educational and the British International Institute for Leadership and Management.



  • Student outcomes improve.
  • Students become more confident independent learners.
  • They become more competent and articulate, developing useful critical and creative skills, enabling them to move on to enjoy successful careers.
  • Students take more responsibility for their learning.
  • They become well rounded and well-grounded students.
  • Unrestricted access to further education in top institutions nationally and internationally.

Parents / Community


  • Pride in the work, influence and impact which the school has made to the families and to the community at large.

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