Mr. Oke Eleyae


Mr Eleyae has been working as an education professional for over 26 years. He is a founding member of the Chartered College of Teaching in the United Kingdom. He has held various senior leadership and consultancy positions, and has worked as a Specialist Leader in Education, a Lead Practitioner for ‘Education for gifted pupils’, an Advanced Skills Teacher and Head of Science and Maths. He is an expert in innovating and developing practice in whole-school teaching and learning of all learners, regardless of their ability and/or context. Over the years, he has utilised key elements of the United Nations Education for Sustainable Development to develop and lead various CPD and other training sessions, for educational institutions both in the United Kingdom, and Internationally.

Also, as the lead consultant for KIKO Educational Ltd, he trains, mentors and coaches pre- service and in-service teachers, as well as, providing specialist advice on school improvement issues to schools. He advises and supports school leadership teams in developing and implementing effective school improvement plans as well as helping them to develop the capacity to improve to secure sustained pupil improvement – Applying KIKO’s mantra of ‘The Sustainable First’ approach. He is also, an educational consultant for the Nigerian Schools Foundation (NSF), a non-profit organisation based in the UK, which promotes and supports the improvement of quality educational standards in Nigerian schools.

In addition, Mr Eleyae has substantial experience as an examiner from two of the main UK GCSE science exam boards, and as a private GCSE/IGCSE tutor across the sciences. He also coaches and mentors parents and students and facilitates mediation between parents and schools.