This is the only time you’ll be using these items to clean your skillet; after it’s seasoned, you no longer scour it. This is best done by knowing the smoke point of your oil and heating it to right at or just below that temperature. You will be working with a thin coating of oil, then heating that thin layer until it is dry but not sticky, indicating it has completely polymerized.

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  • If you can clean it well and not use soap, scalding hot water rinse and dry with paper towels – great.
  • You can use lard or pig fat to season a cast iron.
  • What is nice about it, is that it fits over two of my gas burners on the gas range.
  • After that, wash with water and dry the skillet with a soft fabric.
  • See more about Smithy cast iron cookware click the image above.

In order to remove any dust, rinse your grates with warm water. Coat the skillet in and out with either lard or vegetable shortening instead of olive oil. The texture won’t do anything bad to your food, and may even make your seasoning stick better in the long term. Place your skillet in an oven turned to very high heat.

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However, these polder candy thermometer benefits are limited to cooking and sautéing. However, these free radicals only exist until you bake the pan. By the time the pan is baked and cooled, there are no more free radicals. Homeowners always have tricks up their sleeves for the best seasoning method. However, no one has been able to settle the debate as of yet.

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It appeared to me that all the old seasoning was gone. I used a wire brush to clean it and there wasn’t any caked on things. It actually looked very good before I started. I did see the finish changing after each session, especially after the 2nd session.

We will go over some of the most common options below. Iron cast cookware can last a lifetime, as long as it is cared for. Seasoning is one of the things that must be done to iron cast cookware. However, the type of oil used and at what temperature it should be seasoned is somewhat up for debate. I am also asked frequently how many times should I season my cast iron? Just season when it becomes dull and food starts to stick to it.

Do not cook highly acidic food using seasoned skillets. Foods like tomatoes have a high acidic concentration that may react with your coat and triggers the breaking of the seasoned layer. However, using a low-quality flax seed oil will give you frustrating and poor results.

I finally found a cast iron corn stick pan at an antiques mall. I am looking forward to some crispy brown cornsticks. Cast iron remains hot long after you remove it from the stove.

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I will go over each of these oils so that you can make an informed decision as to which one is the best to use for your method of seasoning or re-seasoning. Please understand that I am not an expert on seasoning oils. I am a user of carbon steel cookware just like you. I have had many of the same questions when I started to use carbon steel cookware. After applying multiple coats on your cast iron pan, you should end up with an even and glossy surface of the entire pan.

Once the oven got to temp, I turned it off and left the pan in the oven until cool. I repeated this process a couple of times until I faced a domestic insurrection, but it worked very well. And found that article to be an excellent explanation of the science behind seasoning the cast iron skillet. Although the article is older and the author is no longer posting replies, I think it is very useful.